Although this is titled quick snow update, we should include the beneficial rain as well, as it will be significant.

Snow develops late tonight out west and slowly transitions eastward on Wednesday. The greater OKC metro area will see rain up until late evening when it converts over to snow. I’ve included some maps for timing and amounts. The system exists the state Thursday morning.

Timing of snowfall.

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Model estimated snow totals.

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Ferguson Roof Systems is offering an AT's Weather special!

What’s left behind after significant melting over several hours.

NWS snow total forecast.

OKC snow total forecast.

I mentioned heavy rainfall will occur. This is the QPF map, meaning where it’s cold enough such as W/NW OK, we have to convert this liquid to snow at around a 10:1 ratio, so 1″ of liquid would be 10″ of snow. The rest of C/E OK will see rain, so these will be our rainfall totals in these areas.

Rainfall totals (QPF)

If you missed my live broadcast, you can watch the replay below. I’ll go live around noon on Wednesday and in the evening as well, so join me then! -AT

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