The long-term pattern is about to kick into high gear for December. So expect some wild swings the second half of the month with multiple storm systems and a couple of cold shots of air.

Until then, a system across the desert SW will swing across the state Thursday night into Friday. This will bring us our next round of rain at that time. Total rainfall amounts could be quite decent with this system. No snow this time around.

Rainfall Friday.

Rain totals expected.

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There will be cold nights ahead this week, but the days look decent until we cool down again this weekend. Just a reminder to download my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo, to get specific temperatures for your custom location. Otherwise here are the Oklahoma City and Tulsa trends.

OKC temperature trend.

Tulsa temperature trend.

There are a few signals of snow showing up in the extended outlook, but nothing concrete to speak of yet. I’ll keep an eye on things! BTW, if you missed my latest blog here: zip hoodies are in! =) -AT

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