First off, Merry Christmas to you!Β 

So, are you ready for our next winter storm? It appears one is starting to take shape across the southern plains on the 29th-31st. It’s still very early in the game for the outcome and specifics. The trends to watch are twofold: Will we have more ice (freezing rain) with this event in Oklahoma, or will it be more snow? The second trend is placement. Yesterday models slammed Oklahoma with the highest amounts. Today, that’s shifted north into Kansas. So I’ll be watching things closely over the coming days and bringing you live updates as a result.Β 

Here are a couple of maps to give you an idea of what is on the table, courtesy of the European model:

Euro model snow totals.

Euro model ice totals.

These amounts and location of said amounts will be changing, but this at least gives us an idea of what we’re looking at, signal-wise. Be sure to have your Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter notifications on for when I go live. Talk soon! -AT

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