I’m going to keep this update rather short. If you would like to get into more detail through the different maps and reasoning, please watch the live recap below from Sunday night’s broadcast.

In summary, a two part winter storm will hit Oklahoma this week. The first part will be freezing rain, sleet, and snow. The second part will also bring more of the same.

Light freezing rain and drizzle will develop Monday night across NW 1/3 of OK through early Tuesday morning. So expect slick spots on area bridges and overpasses. As the system drives in the cold front, expect some heavy rain Tuesday night to move through C and E OK. On Wednesday morning, expect light freezing rain and sleet to develop across C OK changing over to snow by late morning. Ice accumulations appear to be light but enough to cause slick roadways. The snow has the potential to either be a dusting or several inches. The model data is changing quickly as they start locking on to the storm track. I’ve posted the Canadian model below for an idea on what looks to be coming our way.

Freezing rain and sleet accumulations.

Potential snow accumulations on Wednesday.

Then the main system (upper low) kicks out from SC Texas and into E OK. On the backside expect a band of ridiculous snow amounts. The European model is used here to give you an idea of what is possible as the storm moves out of TX and into OK on Thursday/Thursday night. Yes even DFW looks to get some snow out of this event!

European model for extreme snow Thursday.

That’s it for now. Be sure to join me every evening around 9pm to discuss the latest model data and forecast discussion. The replay of the latest broadcast is below:

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