We have been in a very active storm track pattern as of late with record snowfall across Oklahoma. The pattern is going to remain active through the middle of January. Then it shifts to more of a cold pattern as arctic air invades the country.

We have four storm systems that will move through the southern plains. Each of these will have the potential to produce either a cold rain or snow for some. At this point, these are all signals in the data, meaning transient. Specific details will come as we get closer. Some may not do much, others may.

The first one is coming up on Wed/Thu. Right now models are weak and east with rain in OK, but possibly wrap-around snow in N OK. 

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Storm system number 1.

The next three will be tracked as well. The second has a little better snow signal with it for now. All of this subject to change, but I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know. Temperatures will be seasonal for the first half of the month.

Storm number 2.

Storm number 3.

Storm number 4.

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Finally, the upper pattern will change a bit for the second half of January as more arctic air invades the country. Global pattern changes are occurring and the arctic will release some of that bitterly cold air southward. As shown in the example below, some indications it may grip most of the country by the 23rd. 

Arctic plunge across the nation.

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