It looks like the next huge winter storm will move through Texas this weekend. Starting out in the Panhandle on Saturday and then progressing across N TX on Sunday. As always, the track is key to who gets the snow. As of now, it looks like DFW is finally going to get the snow all the kids dream about. I still caution however, that today is Thursday. A slight change in track could lower amounts, but snow looks to be a definite. As a matter of fact, should see a wide swath all the way down through C/E TX, including my college home of Aggieland in Bryan/College Station.

Oklahoma will get snow out of this system as well, in two stages. First would be late Saturday in W/SW OK. Nothing huge, but a dusting likely for some. The next round would be Sunday night as the system exits Texas and turns north a bit more. I’ll have updates on this outcome, but looks like far S/SE OK will get some snow out of this system.

As of now the upper low is running along the I-20 corridor. Image here shown at Sunday evening position. All of the colors represent lift in the atmosphere squeezing out that moisture.

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Upper storm track.

Winter Storm midday Sunday.

The next set of graphics, are various computer model outputs for snowfall. The take home here at this point, is that a lot of snow is going to fall and it will be centered across the N half of TX.

Model 1 snowfall.

Model 2 snowfall.

Model 3 snowfall.

Model 4 snowfall.

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I’ll have more on this winter storm in the coming days. Be sure to watch my live broadcasts, typically after 9pm. -AT

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