Arctic air will be invading Oklahoma later this week with a reinforcing shot next week. Snow will accompany the airmass change and a big system will develop towards the end of the outlook. Lets get into the details below…

The wild temperature swings will begin to occur as get into February and the pattern goes into a transitional one leading into Spring. Temperatures will warm this week before the arrival of our first cold front on Thursday followed by an arctic front Friday night. Expect a few showers and snow showers on Thursday, but doesn’t look significant at this time. More snow will develop with the reinforcing surge of cold air on Saturday. Again, nothing significant on the snow accumulation side of things.

Thursday’s system.

Windy on Thursday.

Temperatures Sunday morning.

Another shot of cold air will arrive a few days later as a strong storm system looks to develop across Texas. Check out the windchill values! Depending on the track of the upper low, it appears the southern half of Oklahoma will receive snow from this event around the 9th and 10th of February. Even DFW has a chance of seeing more snow. I’ll have more on that in the coming days as things become more clear.

Windchill values on the 10th.

Developing storm system on the 9/10th.

As mentioned above, things will get warmer before the bottom drops out. Here are the temperature trends for OKC and Tulsa. Similar readings are expected across the rest of the state.

OKC Temperatures.

Tulsa Temperatures.

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