I’ll lead off the blog with the following:

SPC Severe Weather Outlook

Whoohoo! Now, I still expect this to change with a surprise event as we head into mid May. The pattern is going zonal so some subtle severe weather initiators will be around. But by far and large, the pattern is nothing what it could be this time of year. For that I am thankful!

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So where does that leave us? How about with more cold nights and cool days! Also, to help with this, cloud cover and rain! Our first round moves through early Monday morning across the N half and during the day across the southern half with a few weak storms mixed in. Second round occurs Tuesday during the day. Other signals for rainfall occur later in the week and into the weekend. It’s not a washout, we’ll just have to work around a few wet hours and I’ll detail that as we get closer.

Rain for Monday.

Rain for Tuesday.

Rainfall over the week varies among models. The Euro (wettest) and American (drier) are posted below.

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Euro model total rainfall for the week.

GFS model total rainfall for the week.

Temperature trends are silly early, but end up decent. The Bermuda grass is going to have a tough time getting going with this nonsense.

OKC Temperature Trend.

I’ll keep an eye on things for severe weather, until then, enjoy the unusual May! -AT

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