Are you ready for another change to the weather? Then buckle up buttercup as a cooldown will return with additional rainfall! 

But first we’ll deal with a few hot days as temperatures climb back to 100 degrees across W/NW OK. Heat indices will also be at or above 100 across much of the state. The hottest day will be Thursday. 

Temperatures Thursday.

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The upper pattern responsible for the heat shows the ridge of high pressure anchored across Texas by Thursday, but as you can see, it gets replaced by a low to our north as a new ridge builds across the pacific NW. This cranks up the heat for those folks and that low brings us both cooler temperatures with weak fronts, but also additional rainfall. Long-range into the end of the month shows that this pattern sticks around for awhile.

Jetstream on Thursday.

Jetstream on Saturday.

Jetstream next Tuesday.

The end result of the Jetstream configuration will be occasional bouts of showers and storms. At first they’ll be confined to the Panhandle Thursday, but then shift into OK Friday, and then widespread into Saturday. The lingering activity is shoved into SE OK on Sunday. An animation shows this outcome below:

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Rainfall expected from Wed aft through Sunday

Rainfall amounts are very decent over the short-term with the bulk of this activity occurring this weekend.

Rainfall totals through the weekend.

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Long-term outlooks for both temperatures and precipitation are below and above normal respectively.

Temperatures below normal next 6-10 days.

Temperatures below normal next 8-14 days.

Precipitation above normal 6-10 day period.

Precipitation above normal 8-14 day period.

The trend here in OKC is a nice cooldown back into the 80s.

OKC Temperature Trend.

If you would like to watch a video recap of this weather outlook, press play below. -AT

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