Are you ready for an extended period of below normal temperatures? How about just “a little” more rain?

The weather pattern for the Sooner State continues to impress. Daytime highs should be in the low 90s and instead, we’re going to see lots of 80s. Again the Jetstream pattern is to thank for this relief.

Currently we have a ridge to the east and west with us caught in-between. A weak upper low is generating some lift in the atmosphere across Texas and just enough of that is coming into Oklahoma to kick off a few showers Tuesday afternoon and more on Wednesday as a cold front slips in before washing out. By Sunday, we’re still stuck in-between highs, so another front will arrive over the weekend and Texas will continue to get some flooding rainfall. 

Jetstream Tuesday.

Jetstream pattern by Sunday.

A few showers Tuesday afternoon in C OK.

Showers and storms expected Wednesday as a weak front approaches.

More storms expected Saturday night.

You noticed that area of interest marked in the upper pattern. That is a reflection of Elsa which is a tropical storm at the moment. It’s expected to remain weak as it heads into Florida.

Track of Elsa.

Overall the rainfall for the week isn’t too bad. As usual, this is a smoothed global model representation, so there will be some isolated areas that pick up more than the map indicates. Always watch for flash flooding this time of year. 

Rainfall totals expected this week.

Temperature trends look great here in OKC and elsewhere across the state. Enjoy! -AT

OKC Temperature trend.

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