Honestly our weather hasn’t had much to complain about for the first half of the Summer. All of that is about to change however.

Before we get to the bad news, the good news revolves around a back door cold front that moved in Sunday and its effects will be with us through mid week with cooler temperatures. We’ll also continue with a few more showers and storms, but the coverage isn’t what we’ve been accustomed too.

Back door cold front arrived Sunday.

Rain coverage through Tuesday.

As shown in the Jetstream maps, the starting pattern with a ridge to our west and trough to our east will transition to the “death ridge” moving into the nation’s heartland. What this does, is cause the storm pattern to deflect over the top of the ridge and not allow much underneath it. So you will notice in the 120 day rainfall map centered under the ridge, it’s going to be dry for awhile. Also that ridge builds heat. Thankfully for us, although we’ll get hot again, we won’t be like temperatures up north which will be 20 degrees C above normal at 850 mb. That will translate down to the surface of 100+ degrees.Β 

Jetsream pattern responsible for the cooler weather.

Jetstream pattern building the heat and shutting off rain.

850 mb above avg temperatures.

Surface temperature reflection of 100s.

Lack of rainfall under the dome.

So back to the good news. Here is a look at temperatures across the state for Monday and Tuesday. Not bad! In the extended outlook we warm to our average temperatures. From that point forward, expect temperatures to stay at least in the mid 90s through August. If the pattern doesn’t break significantly, we’ll climb to 100 once enough of the ground moisture dries out and vegetation dies off. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and stay positive that the ridge will shift back west.

Temperatures Monday afternoon.

Temperatures Tuesday afternoon.

OKC Temperature trend.

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