Wow! What a start to August! Seriously, we’ve really been spoiled these recent summers. Instead of counting the number of 100 degree days and drought, we counting how much rainfall we keep getting and if we’ll ever see 100!

Sunday, a strong summer cold front arrived, knocking temperatures down for the afternoon anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees colder than the day before. It also brought much needed rainfall to the northwest.

Temperatures Sunday Afternoon.

Rainfall totals on Sunday.


This was all thanks to the upper Jetstream pattern. In my blog last week I talked about how the high would shift back to the west and allow a trough to ride over the top bringing in a cold front for early August. What I got wrong was the timing. Instead of the 3rd, the pattern shifted much quicker and brought it in for the 1st. Well this configuration is going to change again which will allow us to start heating back up, but it will bring in a weak disturbance on Thursday which will cause a quick round of showers. There are no indications that the ridge will re-establish itself on top of Oklahoma for the rest of August, so I do not expect us to see many 100s other than the usual spots across the west. The Jetstream will actually be fairly active for August which means we’ll have additional cold fronts move in with more opportunities for a little rainfall.

Jetstream Sunday.

Jetstream Thursday.

Speaking of rainfall for the summer and even the drought, both are in excellent categories with the drought nearly eradicated and many areas experiencing well above normal rainfall.

Latest drought conditions.

Summer rainfall percent normal.

As far as rainfall is concerned for the short-term and the week, additional light shower or storm activity will continue mainly across the SE 1/3 of the state for Monday into early Tuesday. After that the next round is early Thursday, and then again late Saturday. Both of those rounds confined mostly across N OK.

Rainfall through Tuesday.

Showers expected early Thursday.

Storms in NW OK late Saturday.

Temperatures on Monday will be nice with lower humidifies thanks to dewpoint values dropping into the 50s out west and low 60s east! Welcome to our version of dry heat! The OKC temperature trend shows how the heat does work back in, but nothing extreme.

Temperatures Monday afternoon.

OKC Temperature Trend.

That’s it for now! As always I appreciate your support of individual content creators like myself that are independent and don’t have to answer to corporations. You can’t put a price on that type of freedom. It has been a wild ride since 2010 when I started my Facebook weather page. From there it grew to a company, released a weather app in 2014, and broadcasted live across 3 social media platforms all while competing directly with the TV news market. Everything was built based on direct feedback from you, your loyalty, your financial support, and your willingness to share AT’s Weather with others. You are the best!!! Hugs and fist bumps all around! =) -AT

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