Could this be our hottest and driest week of the year? It’s starting to look that way! We’ll have another run up to 100 degrees for many folks by midweek. Any rain left Sunday afternoon gives way to dry conditions for the remainder of the week and into next weekend.

The overall upper pattern shows a ridge of high pressure has established itself across the S Plains. By the weekend, a strong trough will move across the northern states and that will drag down a weak cold front for Monday the 30th. Typically we get a little rain with these weak fronts, but this one is questionable as the models indicate the lower atmosphere appears to be too dry. At least it will help cool things down though.

Jetstream pattern for the week.

Rainfall totals through the week.

Weak cold front on Monday the 30th.

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The hottest temperatures will reside across N/NE Oklahoma by Wednesday. The off/on rainfall over the month has kept OKC away from the century mark and this week as things dry out we’ll get close but should fall just short. Also the drought which has been quite tame over the summer will increase just a bit as well.

Hottest day Wednesday

Current drought conditions.

Temperatures over the coming days will be hot, but cool down a bit by the weekend. Long-range models are in a disagreement if we’ll see another run into the upper 90s the first week of Sept, or if this is it for the extreme heat. So stay tuned!

Center Phase Energy

OKC Temperature trend.

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