What a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Temperatures on Sunday were ideal for late Summer and there was some decent rainfall that occurred from a weak cold front.

High Temperatures this past Sunday.

Rainfall amounts over the holiday weekend.

The upper pattern will allow another weak cold front to move through on Tuesday night, but then the upper high shifts back to the east kicking us out of the NW flow. As that happens, temperatures will climb once again near the century mark. As a matter of fact, we might see widespread 100s by Friday or Saturday. There is a little bit of upper level energy (red/yellow colors) rotating from MO into E OK by the end of the week. That might be enough to spark some isolated shower or storm activity with the daytime heating. It will be one of those lucky if you get it kind of thing and should all be east of I-35. Other than that, the pattern will change again into the following week driving a better cold front and more rainfall.

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Upper ridge out west provides a NW flow aloft.

Upper ridge shifts east cranking the heat up.

The front that arrives late Tuesday will trigger scattered showers and storms during the evening and overnight period. Not all will get wet, so it’s one of those things where it’s fingers crossed if you haven’t received anything significant as of late. I’m included in this, as I’ve missed out on the last few opportunities we’ve had, and my yard is bone dry!

Scattered storms develop late Tuesday with next cold front.

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Most of us have escaped the century mark this summer. The hot spots were mostly anchored across NW OK. This Friday or Saturday we’ll likely see some widespread 100s and may even hit the mark in OKC officially for the first time this year.

Number of days with 100 degrees.

100 degree temps may return by Friday.

The extended outlook model blend heats things up for a brief period. Hopefully it will be our last hot week like this as we progress deeper into September. Have a great week! -AT

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Model blend OKC Temperature Trend.

Model blend Tulsa Temperature Trend.

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