The Fall fun continues with wild swings this week! We’re starting off with warm, perfect weather and getting a stormy mid-week bump, then a freeze at the end.

The Jetstream is bringing an upper trough axis across during the day Wednesday. This will trigger scattered showers and storms during the afternoon and evening, mostly across the E half of Oklahoma. Some of these will be severe. I’ll have live broadcast updates to discuss. The CAPE and Shear are very weak this time around compared to events past, so I don’t expect the severity to get out of control, they may end up being on marginally (borderline) severe.

Upper disturbance arrives Wednesday.

CAPE and Shear values a little weak for this event.

Storms Wednesday afternoon.

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Rainfall amounts will be decent out east. A secondary system will produce some light showers Thursday night as well, mostly out west.

Quick light system Thursday night.

Rainfall totals expected.

Temperatures will be the coldest both Friday and Saturday mornings with a freeze expected and possibly some frost in other areas. Long-term outlook shows wild swings in the temperature anomalies with much above normal in red followed to start the week followed by cold shots below normal in blue for the weekend. We rinse and repeat the following week.

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Temperatures Friday morning.

Temperatures Saturday morning.

Temperature anomaly over the next 10 days.

Here in Oklahoma City, the trend will showcase this well. Enjoy! -AT

OKC Temperature trend.

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