The weather forecast for the Oklahoma area will feature a couple of cold fronts and some rain this week. I’ll also discuss an early preview of Thanksgiving below.

The Jetstream pattern is pretty quiet, a typical dry NW flow aloft. This brings in those cold fronts and when they happen too quickly back to back, it prevents the return of adequate moisture to generate rainfall. Our two systems will come Wednesday and again late Sunday. Sunday looks to provide a little better rain coverage, although not great.

Cold front Wednesday.

Rain expected on Sunday.

Center Phase Energy

Our next good chance for more widespread activity comes on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. A strong disturbance will move across. Too early to talk about any severe weather at this time, but at least some decent rainfall is expected.

Early look at Tuesday storms before Thanksgiving.

This leads us into the travel conditions for the holiday week. This is a national map animation of storm systems moving across the country from Monday through Sunday. Pay attention to any area you will be traveling through to find out if you will deal with rain or snow. Also notice how cold it will be on Thanksgiving Day for many travelers. 

Center Phase Energy

Weather pattern Thanksgiving week.

Thanksgiving Day Temperatures

Here’s a close-up of Oklahoma’s temperatures on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving morning.

Thanksgiving afternoon.

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The 10 day temperature trend of OKC continues on the typical roller coaster ride. Pay attention to the cold mornings to protect those plants. Have a great week! -AT

Extended temperatures in OKC.

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