This forecast blog will be rather short and to the point. Two strong cold fronts affect us this week. The first Sunday night into Monday and the second Friday night. 

There may be a few weak storms overnight Sunday across E OK as the front moves through but the bigger story will be those 70s turning into 30s and 40s for afternoon temperatures. So expect about a 25 to 35 degree temperature change!

24 hour temperature changes.

The next front arrives Friday and will trigger at least some light rain. There is one model, the Canadian, which suggests that it may just be cold enough for a little light snow to mix in with the rain early Saturday morning. The American and European model keep things dry, so it’s an outlier for now. I’ll watch it and update you during the week on social media as this evolves. Otherwise, don’t expect a lot of precipitation this week unfortunately.

Friday cold front.

Saturday morning snow?

Total rainfall for the week.

Long range temperature trend in OKC and Tulsa is up and down, so dress accordingly! 

OKC Temperature trend.

Tulsa extended temperatures.

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