Our first arctic cold front arrived and brought with it some bitterly cold air with a 50 degree temperature drop and a little taste of ice and snow. Actual air temperatures fell below zero degrees in the panhandle along with wind chill values around 20 below! We also saw some decent rain out of the event.

Low temperatures Sunday morning.

Wind chill values Sunday morning.

Weekend rainfall totals.

Our next big winter blast arrives Wednesday night. Just like the last one, it will drive those temperatures down into the single digits in some cases. Models are estimating this round to be about 20 to 30 degrees below normal as it slides down from W Canada along the Rockies and straight into Oklahoma. This is actually the path our coldest airmasses will take each winter. It’s the fastest route and prevents a lot of modification. Temperatures on Thursday will once again be frigid! In addition to that, a weak upper level storm system will swing by to our north Wed/Thu which will trigger light snow across KS. We may see some flurries out of it, otherwise expect some patchy freezing drizzle with the front. 

Temperatures on Thursday.

Weak winter storm passes to the north.

Have no fear however, as that cold shot is quick to move out and then things warm up again. The cold source region in Canada is replaced with temperatures more than 20 degrees above normal for mid-January. This may mean our next cold blast will have to hold off until the last week of the month. February is forecasted to be our coldest, which it normally is.

Temperatures above normal mid January.

In the meantime, the OKC and Tulsa temperature trends are posted below.

OKC Temperature trend.

Tulsa Temperature trend.

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