Spring temperatures return right on time as we begin the month of March! Yay!

It’s hard to imagine we went from topping out our days in the teens last week to topping them out in the 80s this week!

But what about rain??? We’re still in a growing fire danger due to the drought conditions, so we need moisture quickly! The ice helped some, but winter precipitation just doesn’t foot the bill down here. Luckily, by the end of the week another strong cold front will move in with an upper storm system to combine to bring us decent rainfall across the C/E parts of the state. Severe weather may be an issue for Sunday afternoon near and south of the Red River. I’ll have more on that in the coming days.

Current drought conditions.

Rainfall expected Sunday.

Here is a look at how temperatures will be running compared to normal this week. Notice the big warmup across the central US. However, also notice that cold air slipping back into Oklahoma at the end of the weekend and poised to return the following week. This means don’t get that Spring Fever quite yet when it comes to planting outdoors. Note the average date of the last freeze across your neck of the woods.Β 

Temperature anomaly animation (tap to play)

Average last freeze.

What about snow? Any more on the horizon? Well, just beyond this forecast period of a week, the European does indicate that some of that colder air may cause some monkey business around the 8th. A this point it’s just a signal in the noise, but something to watch closely. We often get our best snows in March, so stay tuned!

Potential snow signal around the 8th.

The temperature trend will be amazing, so enjoy it! -AT

OKC Temperature trend.

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