You might not realize it, but we’re more than 2 weeks into our severe weather season. Things will ramp up a bit Sunday and Monday before calming down for the rest of the week with the focus returning on a frost or freeze for some. The week of the 11th may be a bit active as well. So make sure you have my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo. You can get it from Apple and Google app stores. Just make sure you have ‘always allow’ selected for your phone’s settings including GPS. This way you’ll get up to 15 minutes of advanced direct notification of a developing tornado before it hits.

First up we have a few severe storms that will occur across W/SW OK Sunday evening. As they move east they will weaken considerably by the time they arrive into the greater OKC metro area. In the early lifecycle of the storms, large hail, damaging wind and an isolated tornado are all possible. As the main energy with the upper storm system moves overhead on Monday, expect more rain across Oklahoma with the severe weather threat shifting to the Red River valley into N/NE TX. Expect more hail, wind, and a few tornadoes Monday evening. Tap or click the radar animation map to see how things will evolve.

Severe Weather Outlook Sunday Evening.

Severe Weather Outlook Monday Evening.

Severe Weather Outlook Monday Evening.

Future radar animation. Tap/Click to play.

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Rainfall will be very decent with some flash flooding possible in areas that may experience 3″ of rain over a short period of time. Another weak cold front will move through Tuesday night triggering a few showers with it, mainly across the E half of the state.

Estimated rainfall totals Sunday and Monday.

Few showers Tuesday night.

With a colder surface high moving in by the end of the week, some areas may experience a light freeze or frost Friday and Saturday mornings as temperatures dip into the 30s. The most favorable conditions for this to occur with with light winds, clear skies, and low lying valleys. Beyond that timeframe, another strong cold front will move through at the end of the following week giving the state another shot at a freeze or frost on the 17th and 18th of the month.  So remember to protect sensitive vegetation over these 4 mornings.

Ferguson Roof Systems

Ferguson Roof Systems is offering an AT's Weather special!

Morning low temperatures on the 8th.

Morning low temperatures on the 9th.

Morning low temperatures on the 17th.

Morning low temperatures on the 18th.

Temperatures across OKC are trending much better overall in the extended outlook with daytime highs and lows getting warmer.

OKC Temperature Trend.

Center Phase Energy

Be sure to tune into my live broadcasts to discuss the weather forecast or to cover severe storms as they happen. You now have four platforms in which to watch; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and now Rumble. When GabTV Live gets going, I may replace Twitter with them instead. If you’re having trouble getting notified in time on Facebook, you can Opt-in to get notified by me directly when I go live on the next broadcast here: Opt-in Weather Updates.

After doing this for 8 years, the computer I built in 2014 to handle this workload is showing its age. So I’ll be building a new gaming machine from scratch to handle the next 8 years to continue helping others reduce their storm anxiety with calm tornado coverage and accurate forecasts. If you would like to contribute to my endeavors, I would love to have your support. You can do so at any of the options here: Donate-and-support-options Thank you! -AT 

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