The highlight of the week will be record heat with a few showers and storms to cool things down temporarily. The highlight for the upcoming weekend may end up being record cool high temperatures thanks to a strong cold front Friday night.

Sunday the eastern half of the state will deal with severe weather, including very large hail, damaging winds and a tornado or two. After that, the next significant round of severe weather is Friday afternoon with a cold front. In-between we’ll have spotty and random showers and storms due to a westerly flow in the Jetstream bringing occasional disturbances (areas of color on the map) across to trigger the activity. Timing will be difficult, but our next round will be Tuesday morning and again Tuesday evening. After that a little spotty. So make sure you use my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo, to track radar and daily forecast conditions. Overall rainfall amounts from the global models aren’t that impressive, but they don’t handle severe thunderstorm downpours either. So some isolated areas will pick up 4″ of rain. Just beyond this weekly outlook is a heavy round of storms Sunday night into Monday the 23rd. So looking forward to that outcome of more widespread rain.

Jetstream flow. Tap to animate.

Estimated rainfall amounts through the week.

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The other story is the heat. The European model really cranks it up by midweek. Tap to animate.

High temperatures each day. Tap to animate.

The temperature trend here in OKC from the blend of the models is to heat it up, then cool it down by next weekend. So stay hydrated and apply the sunscreen!Β 

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OKC Temperature Trend

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