The first question you are probably asking is, who is this “we” you speak of? Great question! I’m referring to the official temperature at Will Rogers Airport for Oklahoma City. Many areas out west have already seen 100 degrees, but now we have things setting up for that heat to travel east.

We’ll start with the Jetstream. First image shows the current position of the upper highs and lows. Air flows clockwise around highs (ridges) and counterclockwise around lows (troughs). The high is centered across Arkansas and Missouri. It picked up some weak upper energy noted by the yellow/orange/red colors you see on the map. This “vorticity” allows the potential for some isolated shower and storm activity as it travels across Texas and into Oklahoma. As you play the animation of the second map, you’ll notice how this upper ridge moves around and then settles out to the west. This places Oklahoma under its influence and depending on whether it shifts a little more west or travels east, that will put us in a weak NW flow aloft allowing potential rain down the line, or extreme heat. So let’s hope for a more westward progression.

Sunday Jetstream Pattern.

Jetstream animation (tap to play).

Final position of the ridge by the end of June.

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So what does rain look like in this pattern? Unfortunately not so good for Oklahoma. The drought across the SW part of the country will get a break though as this will be their monsoon seasonal pattern. Our drought was really helped by the recent rains, but this week it will start to build back in. The heat will affect most of the country, it is summer after all (June 21st).

Expected rainfall over the week.

Current drought conditions.

Oklahoma drought.

Extended temperature outlook.

Area of drought relief in green.

Tracking the 850mb temperature level in the atmosphere, we can see where areas that are above (red) or below (blue) move across the country. You see some good news towards the end!

Center Phase Energy

850mb Temperature animation (tap to play)

That cooler 850mb air represents a nice cold front that will hit Oklahoma Saturday night. Watch the wind change direction out of the north. Normally a cold front would bring rain, but a problem this time around will be the fact that it moves through overnight with a strong cap in place. So at the time this blog is written, it doesn’t look to promising. Saturday will also be our hottest day statewide.

Wind shift with cold front Saturday night.

Temperatures on Saturday.

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The temperature trend for OKC is to crank up the heat. We may hit the century mark on Friday but should have no problem Saturday. Stay cool out there!

OKC Temperature Trend.

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