I hope your 4th was a safe and fun one celebrating with friends and family. As you may have noticed, the weather is heating up once more. We were barely able to escape the century mark at Will Rogers Airport last week, but that won’t happen this week as temperatures will run about 10 degrees hotter than normal.Β 

The drought is slowly returning, starting out west again. There will be some rain to help a few of these spots temporarily this week.Β 

Current Drought Conditions.

The Jetstream shows the upper ridge off to our east on Tuesday shifting to the west by Friday. As air current flows clockwise around the high, weak upper energy denoted in the yellow/orange colors rotate through western Oklahoma initially, and then through the rest of the state on Friday as we return to a NW flow. This will also bring in a very weak cold front on Friday.

Jetstream on Tuesday.

Jetstream on Friday.

Weak Front Friday.

With that front, we’ll squeeze out some storms and again on Saturday. Temperatures will likely be the hottest on Friday due to compressional warming ahead of the front. So we’ll blow past 100 degrees easily! Notice how the significant rain is anchored across the west and north during this week. Hopefully Friday and Saturday will add to this across C OK. A stronger cold front may move in late Monday/Tuesday of the following week with a better opportunity for scattered showers and storms.

Temperatures Friday.

Expected rainfall through Friday.

Notice how temperatures stay hot across Oklahoma, but catch a break up north over Kansas for the weekend thanks to the front. Meanwhile temperatures in OKC are going to get hot! So get ready! -AT

Temperature animation of the week. (tap to play)

OKC Temperature Trend

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