Before we get to the great news, let’s talk about the bad news…

So I’m sure you noticed that it got hot again over the weekend as 100s returned along with those oppressive heat indices. Temperatures on Sunday were the hottest in NW OK, but when you factor in the humidity, the NE felt just as hot. Heat Advisories will continue and even expand a bit through Wednesday. Also another reminder that it can get hot rather quickly inside a vehicle, so protect those kids and pets and don’t leave them inside, even with the windows cracked.

Temperatures Sunday.

Heat index Sunday.

Current Heat Advisories.

Interior car heat.

There was some good news last week as we squeezed out some rainfall scattered across the state. Some places picked up some nice amounts while others got just enough to tease the grass. A flash drought built in pretty quick as well.

Rainfall over the past few days.

Current Drought Conditions.

So let’s get to the change for the good news. Notice how the upper high in the Jetstream starts the week nearby, but then shifts back to the west by the weekend. This gradual move will place the state in a NW flow aloft allowing these weak upper disturbances to move in along with weak cold fronts.

Jetstream Pattern Monday.

Jetstream Pattern Sunday.

The temperatures this week will be the hottest on Tuesday again, but then check out what a cold front on Thursday does to our temperatures on Saturday! Welcome back 80s! On top of that, the rainfall looks to be quite decent across a large area of the state starting on Thursday, and continuing off and on into Sunday.

Hottest day on Tuesday.

Temperatures Saturday.

Thursday through Sunday rain (tap) animation.

Expected rainfall totals.

Here in Oklahoma City, the temperature trend shows a nice drop to round out the month and I’m really looking forward to it! Pay no attention to that hot start to August, we don’t want to spoil the moment.

OKC Temperature Trend.

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