This is one of those weeks where there isn’t much to talk about. Which is why as much as I love San Diego weather, it would literally bore me to tears living there and doing the weather. Yawn! I do like the temps though!

So this week we have those warm days and cool nights to start off with, then a big cold front arrives by Friday cooling us down quite a bit. As far as rain goes, some activity around the panhandle, but otherwise we’ll have to wait until the following Monday to get statewide action. At least the pattern changes by then to provide Oklahoma more rainfall.

Long range outlooks for temperatures and precipitation look like this:

Long-range temperature outlook.
Long-range precipitation outlook.

The nationwide departure from normal shows a lot of red on the map, indicating temperatures above normal. However, you do see two big blue waves that move through, one this weekend, and the next several days later. These are the beginning stages of progressively colder and stronger cold fronts that will transition us through Fall to Winter. (tap to animate)

Departure from normal

Here in OKC the temperature trend is pretty good! Enjoy the cooler weather! -AT

OKC Temperature Trend.
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