This week starts and ends with much needed rainfall! Of course in the Fall, amounts aren’t that excessive usually and this week will be no different. Regardless, we’ll take every drop we can get as the drought has expanded. Temperatures will also be up and down with passages of two cold fronts, one Wednesday, and the other over the weekend.

The Jetstream sets up our weather pattern for the week. The upper low to our SW will fall apart and move NE overhead through Tuesday. Its best influence on rain however, will be during the day Monday. Then a strong NW flow aloft arrives for Wednesday which brings in our next front. Then the pattern switches back to a SW flow aloft and kicks out an upper disturbance for Sunday out ahead of the upper low. The Monday and Sunday snapshots are shown below with the animation of how it all plays out in-between. Remember to tap to play the animation on certain devices and think of the atmosphere as a fluid to see how it moves. Those bright red colors are areas of lift that brings clouds and rainfall.

Monday Jet pattern.
Jetstream animation (tap to play).
Sunday Jet pattern.

With that energy aloft, it will generate cloud cover and rainfall for our Monday. Here is what the rain coverage will resemble through Tuesday afternoon and the expected rainfall amounts.

Rainfall animation through Tues. (tap)
Rainfall totals through Wed.

The next round of decent rainfall arrives on Sunday. Here is a look at that coverage along with precipitation totals for the entire week including Sunday afternoon.

Rain animation on Sunday.
Rain totals for the week.

We need the rain obviously as the drought continues to expand.

Latest Drought Update.

I mentioned the see-saw temperatures for the week. Here is a look at OKC below. Your city will vary, so use my free weather app ATsWeatherToGo to get your specific forecast. -AT

OKC Temperature Trend.

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