Are you ready to stop playing the odds and start playing it a little safer? Consider that about 92% of all tornadoes are rated EF2 or less on the Fujita Scale. The majority of well-built structures hold up nicely to these. But it’s the next 3 categories that make the national news and garners your attention. It’s these that cause the most damage and deaths and they only account for about 8% of all tornadoes. The strong tornadoes, also known as EF3-EF5 on the damage chart, are the reasons we get storm shelters.

There are dozens of storm shelter companies out there and many are fly-by-night, and like roofers in a hail storm, they are here today and gone tomorrow. You want someone local and with a solid track record. After all, we’re talking about saving your life and that of your friends and family, and you don’t want to leave it in the hands of an unethical company or individual. So who did I pick and why? I chose Smart Shelters. They’ve been doing this for several years and are based right here in Oklahoma City and continue to grow and expand on an excellent reputation. Texas Tech tested its units and the Smart Shelter design passed with exceptional scores. They even mentioned their door design was the best they’d seen. The shelters are solid with a patented lid design others just don’t have. I like the transferable lifetime warranty, the fact they won’t rust, and that I have two exit points from the shelter. I interviewed Robin Hood from Smart Shelters and we discussed many of the questions most have when looking at shelters for their home or business. Watch the short interview below.

The installation was a breeze. These guys have it down to a science. The installers, Robert (Oz) and Trevor had the entire thing finished in just 4 hours and were extremely courteous. This included moving things out of the way and cleaning up when they left. They’ll even let you keep the dirt they dig out if you want it. I took a few pics along the way to highlight the process:

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(Note: The city inspectors said it was one of the nicest, cleanest installs they had seen.)

So why choose to install a shelter inside of the garage versus outside? Simply time. As in, let’s say you only have seconds to react and the storm is already upon you. You are safer from debris and hail inside of your garage with the door closed versus running outside across a yard for example. Plus it’s quicker to get down below ground with the shorter distance. Nothing more, nothing less. Now that said you may have your own reasons for placing it in other areas, and that’s completely acceptable. When it comes to needing it, you’ll be glad you have it regardless of its location. Pro Tip: Make sure you set up a WiFi and Cell phone router or repeater nearby so you can get an excellent signal during the storm. This allows you to continue to watch my live tornado coverage.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a storm shelter, don’t put it off any longer. Call Robin at Smart Shelters today and tell them I sent you to get an instant $50-$100 credit, good for the 2023 Spring storm season! Thanks for reading and stay safe! -AT

Visit Smart Shelters at: to see additional information or call Robin at 405-417-8676.

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Bonus Video! Robin demonstrates how you can get out of your shelter should you find the door damaged preventing it from opening.

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