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If you have a public social media account, hashtag your weather photos to have them appear on the site by using #ATsWeather. This feed updates once every hour so check in soon. Thanks for sharing!

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Post em if you got em. ☹

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The observation in the neighborhood is that trees without leaves have no damage at all. The rest are dropping limbs like mannequins at the warehouse.

My poor trees😒

SURVIVOR TREE @ the Memorial

Ice on the Crêpe myrtle

Hanging on by a thread

This one probably has taken the worst hit so far... at least the pool will get more sun next summer.

Yes! One of several!! So sad to see!

Every five minutes another branch in our neighborhood cracks like thunder and falls. We aren't going to have any trees when this is over.


Poor willow tree

My Butterfly 🦋 tree! Surrey

South OKC

This was before I left for work this morning. It has gotten worse, from what I've been told. And the front looks even worse. From Moore.

I have chainsaws in Newcastle and Goldsby!

Coming down on our house😫 such a beautiful tree!!

So sad to see our shade tree take a massive hit like this.

Mine says screw you 2020

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1 day ago

Aaron Tuttle Meteorologist

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Jealous of your electricity. Haha but not envious of the sleeping on pool chairs.. we got to sleep in our beds.. but I would switch for electricity. Haha!

Many many without power in Shawnee. So far so good. 🤞🏼

Glad y’all survived the Cat 1. I’m just done with this OK weather.

Yeah. You should be a Pastor if u think weatherman’s tough! 😳😳🤣

I am so very sad too...my 16 huge pecan trees are continuing to crack and crash. 😢

Hi from Missouri. I have family in Norman and Blanchard, so thanks for keeping me updated on their weather!😊

You made it!!!!

My beautiful tree in my front yard has been trimmed badly by the ice as well!

Trees breaking every few seconds SW15 & Sara

Y’all have a memorable engagement story!!!Congratulations & glad y’all are safe.

Haven’t slept on a pool chair sober 😂

My back yard trees are done they have all fallin

My daughter lives there. Thanks so much for keeping this momma informed ❤️

Still waiting to hear how you’re going to top hurricane engagement with the wedding! 😂

Trees down and falling in Yukon. Nooo power! Your electricity looks delightful! Lol.

Your tree might come out ok if it's not broken...our weeping willow is dragging ground; but, not broken...hubster says those trees are soft branched.

We’ll survive and are so glad you’re getting away (sorta). Enjoy enjoy enjoy and take care, buddy! Congratulations again!!!!!

Glad y’all are safe! How many meteorologists continue to keep us informed while on vacay, not many! You are much appreciated. AT for President ❤️

Sounds like a perfect engagement for a meteorologist!

Oh my safe travels home!!’

Stay safe everyone!!’

No power in Bridge Creek.

Our trees are trashed too. We had some pruning done this summer, apparently, not enough.

Change mouse color to black...it’s like playing hide and seek

Glad to see you go live! Thanks AT. Y’all be safe.

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The second round of ice continues this morning. Be careful! Use my free app, ATsWeatherToGo for updates! ... See MoreSee Less

The second round of ice continues this morning. Be careful! Use my free app, ATsWeatherToGo for updates!

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You.both survived the long night😃

2 days ago

Aaron Tuttle Meteorologist

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All of it was preparing you for Jodi & finding your soulmate

You leave Oklahoma escaping an ice storm, but a category 2 hurricane chases you.

This will be the best engagement story ever! Someday it will be funny.

You're too cute Jodi! And that color looks great on you too!

The tree limbs are already snapping in Edmond. Tomorrow's gonna suck. I'd rather be in Cozumel!

I was totally LTTP... .can we get a quic recap of the weather

Okie needs you back 11 hours no power. No updates to severe damage.

You got the most amazing gift, Love ❤️ and engaged. I'm sure you will see pictures.

That’s why all wires should be under ground.

😂😂 we love her already!! She is calm with you. Does she know us crazy people are scared of naders that's what started this??? Hahaha She is a keeper!!!!

Jodi you are a very lucky lady, Aaron is a great person. Congradulations Aaron and Jodi.

I'll know there was an ice storm because I'll be cutting up tree limbs all weekend!

I feel so bad for you all! So sorry! And if sucks here in Oklahoma. 2020🙄

Yes it's me and yes in ear shot as by 🔥 place waiting for power....maybe tomorrow...

Pretty sure I hear some howling winds.

Thank you for keeping it real and sharing your story. People need to hear it especially this year! So glad you found your soul mate. You sounded like Pastor Craig preaching.

i hate winter! 2020 isnt done yet! 2020 said hold my beer and watch this! i think mother nature is pissed!

I totally know how you feel. We were there during Delta. We called it the “concentration camp” 😂😂😂

Branches here in Moore snapped too! We have several off our big maple tree.

As a psychotherapist I’m so glad you all went to pre marital! Very smart!!

Oooh you are gonna be in trouble with a hurt back and a mad Jodi. 🤣🤣

Beautiful ❣️ ring 💍 did you design it? Never seen one quite like it.

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Awesome Aaron!!’

Enjoyed hearing your love story! 💕 May God bless your relationship more than you two can even imagine! 🙋🏼‍♀️ 😘 Love your preachin! Preach on!

I remember seeing you here in Tulsa on tv... then went to Norman and boom, there you were.

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2 days ago

Aaron Tuttle Meteorologist

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Power was out from ice from 12:30p to 8:00.... we feel your pain!

Aaron they need to listen to you....do they not know who you are?? Cat 1 hurricane is like a light breeze in OK.

Y’all gonna be so bored...sorry, that sucks. Hope there isn’t much damage there! So pretty there. Spent our 25th anniversary there! Stay safe!

Thank you for clarifying.... I couldn't figure out why you were in a shelter for an ice storm.

Hi guys! I clicked on the new video and it showed me the old one. Haha! So I'm late turning in! But Congratulations!!

Hey just take the oklahoma attitude, go outside and watch it come in! Lol

Oh no! We just finally got the power on and we're having power flashes again! 😔

It comes and goes with the bands... Hold each other tight💚

My son got engaged during COVID. Love conquers all.

Y'all look fancy glad your safe. Please don't get COVID it's not fun and no fun here ice and no power on 9th hour.

Election is almost here so COVID will be over

Omg can’t believe you’re in the middle of this!

Thank you so much for the update!!’

Amen brother ! The rock on her hand is beautiful, just a small token of what she means to you for sure! Get home soon y’all! God Bless both of you all in you alls journey together!

It crazy seeing you in a tank top when we have ice here.. you’re missing it.. 😂

Hello Jodi and Aaron!!’ Congratulations!!’ 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Reed Timmer owns a rental car there. Hit him up & get out of there 😉

99 beers on the wall!!’ Lol

its all fun and games until you dont have a ring finger and yer gitchies!!! LOL

Hi Aaron and Jodi! Congratulations on your Engagement! I’m so happy for you both! ❤️💕❤️

In Oklahoma we’d be out on the patio watching it come in.. just a wet tornado.

Can write the trip out now !!! Positive note!!💜💜💜

My phone should be recharged by 9! No power here in south OKC!!!

Breathless is my favorite resort. Enjoy the pool loungers tonight

You traded ice for a hurricane and Covid.. stay safe and stay well..

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