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For realz!!!! 🤣

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Living in Florida we went to school with hurricanes and all

I don't remember ever having a snow day. We walked to school in it... drove in it... went to work. how times have changed

Back when I drove and was dean of students we were going. Save those days for spring Bass fishing

I lived way out in the country and went to school mid 50s to the late 60s. Never missed a day due to weather. The bus came and I went.

I remember having to drive my brother to school in Shawnee and an ice storm wasn’t coming, it had already hit. It was so slick that I almost couldn’t stop the tank 77 Chevy Impala I was driving and almost crashed into the Broadway liquor store front glass. Came 2-3 feet before impact. They didn’t cancel for ANYTHING!!

I remember walking a half a mile to catch the bus because the bus driver said he couldn't drive to our house. No electric I had to rely on the radio for time.

I remember quite a few times when we had tons of snow and no school.

I remember when I was in Elementary and Middle school and High School they didn't call off school. I remember playing in at least 3 inches of snow back in high school may have been more then that . Kid's got it easy these day's. We also didn't have virtual.

I remember one time a huge ice storm came through while we were at school. I had to crawl on my hands and knees to the bus😱

I remember 1977. We were snowed in a week because of the country roads while town kids were made to go.

I lived in Alaska, and we only got one day out of school during the winter, because the chill factor was 50° below zero.

We went to school but my dad would take me because he didn't want me in the bus. I can't remember how many times a bus slid of the road or had an accident. It was crazy!

I remember those days even in late 50’s and 60’s…..we survived

I lived in the country also & if the buses didn’t run my dad would take us to school in his truck.

I remember a blizzard coming through early morning right when every one was heading to school. Still had to go to school.

I remember going to school in a blizzard in the 70’s in Waukomis Oklahoma

Just take into account back then people weren’t as sue happy as they are now. I wouldn’t want to be in a superintendent’s shoes. If a kid falls, gets hurt, or god forbid, killed because of ice or snow their parents can and probably will sue the district….specifically the superintendent.

If meteorologist weren't guessing 50% of the time then schools, who's workers make less money than said meteorologist wouldn't be trying to guess the day for their location.

No bus for me. We had to walk in it both ways lol. My favorite though was once we went to school and it had been warm so many kids here were wearing light clothes, even shorts, and then a huge snowstorm came in while we were at school. Snow fell in huge chunks like the size of DVDs and they had to send us home early which was a fiasco. But I had fun walking home in it 😁.

I grew up in Ohio. We went to school and played outside at recess

Where you AT during lunch? My lunch was boring without a live video update! 🤣😂

Yup. Snow never closed snow in New England even in the 50s/60s, but one day it was -40 below zero and they closed for that. ONE DAY. lol

I don't remember having snow days. Times have really changed. Not the only thing that's changed ugh.

AT, I gotta hand it to you brother. You nailed this latest weather forecast. I rag on you when you miss, (rarely) so I gotta congratulate you on this one. Great job!!!

I literally just said this to my husband, who is from Michigan where they really have heavy snow. We would have gone to school all week back in the 70s and 80s. The kids can't even go outside and play in the snow. They have indoor recess when there is any snow, which is nuts.

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Temperatures are starting to warm above freezing in areas. Trend will continue over the next hour or two. Be careful!

#okwx #oklahoma
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Temperatures are starting to warm above freezing in areas. Trend will continue over the next hour or two. Be careful! 

#okwx #oklahoma

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I’m so over this week!!

Just a reminder when you head out overnight or early in the morning, roads are expected to be slick and hazardous from overnight freezing rain along the I-40 corridor and points south. This does include the greater OKC metro area. There is a slight possiblity that enough moisture works into Tulsa for a brief event during drive time in Tulsa as well.

Check radar and road conditions before you head out the door! Conditions improve rapidly by mid to late morning. Stay safe!

#okwx #oklahoma #tulsa #oklahomacity
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Tuttle is covered in a thin layer of ice already.

Should schools south of I-40 be closed? Will it be that significant?

So are we talking school closures in Norman?

Side roads are still awful out in Little Axe area. This is my driveway still covered in snow, ice and sleet. Tried to get up to go to work and my car slid all the way down twice. So at that point I decided to stay home. Can't say I didn't try.

Prayers for all of you in Oklahoma who are dealing with these days of cold winter weather! I pray protection over each of you in the Name of Jesus Christ and plead the precious blood 🩸 of Jesus over man, woman and children to be safe and well and protect and guided by Jesus through these times ! Keep focus on Lord read the Bible and praise Jesus through these storms ! He is always with you! Pray 🙏🏾 in the name of Jesus Amen

Traveling to Wichita,KS I-35 was ok until I reached Guthrie. Had to exit the Stillwater exit as the roads were almost impossible to travel at the moment. Wrecks everywhere.

Our drive way is completely covered with black ice! I can only imagine how terrible the roads are right now!

My husband drove from Norman to Yukon today... he said it was great until he rolled into the neighborhood he was working in in Yukon!

Getting light stuff here north of Waterloo road in Edmond

Leaving downtown going West on I40 there was freezing rain starting around 1145 pm

Complete ice here in yukon.

In Mulhall, glaze of ice on the roads

Between Calumet and Okarche.

Looks like our cul de sac is a sheet of ice. Nw okc.

Ardmore is a sheet of ice.

Its a glazed donut out here in newalla.

Sprinkling in Norman. 12:15 am

What about Midwest.City?

Thank you! It’s raining or freezing rain in Yukon now, it wasn’t about 3 am

How’s the Edmond area?

Pray before you take your car for the Lord be with you and protect you in the name of Jesus Amen

You keep warm and be safe also

Ashley Vile Alex Vile vile

Quailla Hazen

Henry Underwood

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