Sarah Sutley

Just wanted to say thank you! We got an alert about a twisting storm last night and decided to get in our shelter to be safe and glad we did! The west side of our house got pummeled with golf ball size hail, maybe larger too. It took out a window in our living room and 2 in our dining room and of course we lost a car window. Your app was the only thing that said anything about rotation. Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe!! -Sarah Sutley

Patty Bruner

I’m a relocated Okie living in North Texas. I just wanted to thank you personally for looking out for us.. Your app gave me a 9 minute lead time before a tornado warning was issued for my home. We had only just been placed in the tornado watch category, when my phone popped with a BTI of 7 dangerous storm approaching. Those minutes allowed me to send my daughter to the bathtub, round up my animals (cats- dogs – and even the ferret and guinea pig) and shelter in place. You’re our hero and we appreciate all that you do! #TeamAT -Patty Bruner

Danny G.

Just want to you to know how thankful i am for you and your app!! A few years ago i experienced a pretty scary storm here in Tulsa. I was dead asleep when it sounded like a bomb went off and i woke to sirens and my windows sounding like they were going to shatter. That experience has definitely been a traumatizing one. Year after year i have dreaded tornado season because of that. Its months of the anxious uneasy feeling. This year i am in a new home and i have my wife whom is pregnant and our 7 yr old daughter. We cant afford a shelter at the moment and the feeling of going to work and leaving them during severe moments is not easy. I was introduced to you by a friend and let me just say, you have brought a lot of peace. Where most would use fear , you stay truthful and honest and walk through these moments with us every step of the way. Im always looking out for your next live so i can stay up to date and keep my family safe. Thank you for all you do! -Danny G.

Long-Time Follower

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your approach to weather forecasting. I moved here shortly after spending 18 months in downtown Baghdad (2006-2007) as an unarmed contractor. My sensitivity to sudden loud noises was at an all time high and my nerves were pretty much shot. They would stress us out regularly with their reports of “Our Intel says we will be attacked on such and such date between this time and this time roughly. It’s gonna be a massive attack rockets mortars car bombs and small arms fire…be aware and know where your body armor and bunkers are blah blah blah.” After a while you get used to the attacks but the waiting for it to happen was vicious.

After moving here the news channels didn’t do much to help ease that with the weather forecasts. They’d make it sound like we were gonna die every other storm, and the storms in between those were storms in which you might survive… finally after a few years of absolutely dreading March- June here in Oklahoma, A friend of mine told me about you. You and your approach have been an absolute godsend!!! Thank you seems so incredibly inadequate for the amount of stress relief you have brought to me. I no longer dread a full quarter of the year living here. I honestly can’t say thank you enough. My stress levels are all but gone and my issues that followed me home from Baghdad no longer bother me when we have severe weather on the way. Once again these two small words are so inadequate, but I don’t know how else to say it. Thank you!!! Thank you so much for what you do and HOW you do it. Like they always told us back in school, knowledge is power. You have helped me through so much! -Private

Joni M.

Hello Aaron, I just wanted to say how much I truly appreciate your weather app! It has seriously become my only source of weather information that I trust!!

I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma and my daughter lives in Rockford, Illinois. Last week I was getting notifications that severe weather was going on in Rockford. I checked the radar and sent a message to my daughter ashley to inform her of severe weather. Later that night about 9:30ish I got a notification that a tornado was headed towards Ashley’s area, my heart started racing so I called her to let her know and you know what Aaron??? she had NO idea about the tornado! She said what??? Tornado??? The sirens aren’t going off!! I said ashley, Aaron’s weather app said a tornado is headed for you and just about that time the sirens went off!! Ashley made it to the basement and luckily no tornado touched the ground but I am so incredibly thankful for your app and all that you do to keep us alert and informed!!! Thank you!!! I tell everyone they need to download your app!! ❤️

I’m sorry this is long but I have one more thing……

I really appreciate how thorough you are with explaining graphs and charts. The science behind it all. You are calming especially in times of tornadic weather. Sometimes you say the risk isn’t as bad as the tv stations hype it up to be. I had to quit watching the tv weather guys. My anxiety would go through the roof! So thank youuuuu!!!

A grateful fan,
Joni M.

Kristin Dickson

When I was living in S. OKC/Moore a few years ago, your app gave me a twisting storm notice 10 minutes before a Tornado Warning, which was 1-2 minutes before the local new station did. You literally saved my life (and my niece and sons!) I’m a forever fan. You make me feel safe and like I can relax. That’s huge, after growing up in Moore/S OKC! -Kristin Dickson

Austin R.

Hey Aaron! I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate you; and what you do for myself and everyone else when it comes to weather. I work overnights as a security officer and more often than not, this causes me to fall behind on upcoming weather events. Because of your app, live streams, and forecasts, I’m able to stay informed, and help my patrons stay informed when it comes to weather! When the tornado hit the fair grounds a week or so ago, I happened to be less than a mile NE of it patrolling a grocery store. (Whittaker’s) Your calm demeanor and accuracy allowed me to keep the patrons calm and take proper precautions when directing people where to go. Thank you for everything you do! It may sound cliche, but you really do help save lives! “When seconds count, give yourself minutes.” -Austin R.

Krista H.

I wanted to share why I trust you. In 2011 my apartment was a direct hit in Chickasha. Governor Fallin toured my place and we were all over the media. I developed PTSD and would legit curl up and go into a panic. Someone suggested that I start watching you. I did your calm demeanor even when we do have crazy weather has helped me so much. Thank you for that. I turn off everyone else except your lives and YouTube when we are hit with crazy weather you are a blessing. Again thank you! – Krista H.

Chris Horne

Aaron Tuttle, you are THE MAN!!! I am just coming back from a 2 week vacation in Florida, where we encountered SEVERAL severe thunderstorms. Guess what? Your app, ATsWeatherToGo, warned us about EVERY one of them, as well as weather at home in Taloga, OK. This app is top of the line. And to think that you give us this coverage for FREE??? This is nothing short of mind-blowing!! I consider you a closely trusted friend. When the skies turn dark, I run for your expertise!! I personally, I died laughing at the ear hair debacle! Keep up the GREAT work!! When you finally have to charge us for the app, I’ll be the first one in line!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you do for us! I truly appreciate it!! -Chris Horne

John Hurst

Hey Aaron, we are up in Iowa working on hay balers and are NOT familiar with their storm patterns like we are in Oklahoma. Yesterday my phone went off with a weather alert Tornado Warning from your weather app. The tornado was 3 miles south west of us. If I wouldn’t have had the app we never would have known! Thank you for all you do!! -John Hurst

Ryan O.

This is an awesome app. I really like the iPhone app because it has the home/work/school alerts. On Wednesday, I used the phone app to keep me updated about the threats to my family in OKC while I was in Tyler, TX and was able to keep my family updated as to where the threats were. I am an airline pilot so I’m often out of state and the security this app gives me on the road is great. It also updates me of any local threats to me no matter what city I’m in. Thank you Aaron and your team for creating this product. Today, it will be very useful since I’m still on the road. -Ryan

Melissa Huber

Just wanted to say thank you so much for making your app free. It gives me great peace of mind and doesn’t desensitize me with all the needless warnings like subscribing to the news station alerts via text. Thanks to you, me and my family are able to sleep easy at night even when storms are brewing! – Melissa Huber

Eternity Azwar‎

Your weather app helped me inform my mother to stay in the cellar when they got hit multiple times by tornados. I’m so thankful your app is accurate! Thank you!! – Eternity Azwar‎

Kathee White‎

Aaron, the SAFT-Net feature that follows my phone saved my life last night. We were on I-35 in Sanger TX last night as the tornados approached. Thanks to your alerts we were able to pull off and stay in a gas station beer cooler for an hour and a half. THANK YOU! – Kathee White

Heather Barrett‎

Just wanted to say how much I love your app. We live in Okemah and has just went to a restaurant and sat down and ordered when your app went off alerting me to rotation in my area. We left immediately and pulled in my drive 5 minutes later just as the sirens sounded. It gave me time to get home to my babies and get them to shelter. Thank you!! -Heather Barrett‎

Tonya Danielle

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your posts! I have lived in OKC my whole life and was never scared of storms until I was affected by the May 20th tornado. Now just hearing the sirens on Saturday at noon sends chills down my spine. All the other weather channels are so confusing and it gives me anxiety for days trying to figure out if my vicinity is going to be affected(I live in Moore so it usually is) but the updates and the way you explain the weather pattern set up really has helped me understand what to prepare for and when to do it without all the nerve wrecking hype! Thank you so much for your dedication to helping so many Oklahomans! The way you take such a complex, scientific, and completely confusing concept, and break it down into layman’s terms so that people like me can make sense of it and understand it is truly a blessing and a calling. -Tonya

Phil A.

Aaron, we are new to Oklahoma, it’s our first spring here and we have watched every news channel, had every weather app and all we have got from them was panic or misinformation. My wife found your news feed on fb last night. We both downloaded it and paid great attention to it all day. It was SPOT ON and we greatly appreciate your straight forward approach to when, where and why. Thank you so much for the great job you do. We will definitely pass the word to any and all that will hear us about you. Thank you again, Phil and Roni A.

Angie R.

Hello! I just want to thank you. I remember following you when u first started in Tulsa and even I trusted what u had to say. I have been in a couple of pretty close calls with tornadoes and I am terrified of storms now to the point of when they are talking storms a week away I can’t sleep at night even with stars shining! But since I have started following u on fb and got you weather app I can actually lie down and sleep with it storming outside… If you say it’s just a normal storm. So I wanted to take the time to tell you thank you I really appreciate all you do. ~Angie

Mary H.

Thank you so much for your alerts and updates!! I think I have officially got my sister to be a believer!! Since she has no FB I told her to download the app!! I did a screen shot of the Tulsa area posts as she lives outside Sand Springs off Coyote Trail!! I then sent her the additional alerts and messaged her as soon as I got the tornado notification!! Sure enough she blew me off and 3 hours later she panics saying she just then was looking at reports and it was a tornado!! She went back and looked at everything I sent her and was amazed at how far out you were able to predict it and how accurate!! Maybe now she will pay attention and when she doesn’t your app can get her out of the recliner and into safety!! -Mary H.

Jessica Holsted

At age 16, my wide eyed passion for weather landed me a stellar internship at KOCO and lucky me, AT was my sidekick. I admired him with every ounce in me. And that admiration has stayed there even now, 10 years later. In May 2013 my obsession with weather was completely altered to a complete fear of weather. That day I was ready to chase, but after talking to my mentor and my friend, I chose to be completely prepared for the worst. I even put jeans and tennis shoes on (totally not like me when it’s warm). I made “what if” plans with my dad so we knew where each other would be and where to meet if something happened. Without a doubt that advice from Aaron Tuttle saved my life. I urged my at the time, boyfriend, now fiancé to leave work early because it was going to be a really bad day and it wouldn’t be good to be traveling home after 5:30pm. Thankfully, Josh left early and made it home just about 20 minutes before everything changed. I truly believe had Aaron not urged how bad our area was going to be hit, josh would’ve been driving home into the path of that monstrous tornado. Another life, saved. My fiancé, his parents, his grandma, and his brothers family went through probably some of their hardest times after that day. But without such awesome information, we could have lost life’s, which could never have been replaced. Aaron Tuttle has a God given talent, it comes so natural to him, he is accurate and most importantly he is not media driven which provides us with the most unselfish, on point weather information. So, send him prayers of encouragement and strength. If you can, donate, and if you cant, send an extra prayer. We can never get too many of those! Thank you AT for impacting my life in such a drastic way. I am so thankful for everything you do! -Jessica


ATsWeatherToGo: “By the way, the shear warnings were SO SPOT ON. We received 90mph winds and large hail resulting in needing all new windows on the west side of our house, a new skylight in the kids bathroom and 3 of our windows and one wall was leaking water by Monday morning. Thanks for keeping us safe!!”


Aaron, my kids and I were staying with family on August 27th, when an EF-3 hit in Speedwell, Tennessee. Your app’s SAF-T-Net let me know there was a twisting storm approaching in just enough time to get everyone into the old root cellar before it hit just barely a few hundred yards from the house we were in. We were lucky enough to not be directly hit, but it scared the life out of me to think of what would have happened if I had of deleted the app when I had moved from Oklahoma earlier this year ( Truthfully, I almost did because I didn’t know if it was a nationwide thing, or local to Oklahoma…our family had moved from Oklahoma early this year and was so busy with moving and our kids that I never got around to asking or checking then just kind of forgot about it) We had tornado warnings, but your app was the only one to give me any sort of warning as to how near an actual tornado was. The satellite TV signal was out, quickly followed by the electric, no one in the house had a battery powered radio, or a weather radio set up, there’s no tornado sirens, and frankly, tornadoes have been so rare in this area, virtually no one was prepared for it in any way. I was the only one who had any sort of weather app on their phone, and your app was the one to send us underground. Anyhow, after all that (sorry this is so long haha) I just wanted to give you a HUGE thanks for putting together this app! – Amber Hatfield

Doug D.

I have about 30 weather apps downloaded that I have been using for about 2 years now but this is by far the best weather App that I have used. Thanks for a great app!

Shane Harris

AT – Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your weather app! I travel a lot for work and on MANY occasions I have gotten the “Storms in your area.” warning. I quickly take a look at the weather map in the app and on more than one occasion I have been able to go around the storm or drive straight through knowing it won’t last long. (It came in VERY handy this weekend driving between OKC and Dallas!) I have found that the map and your warnings are extremely accurate and invaluable to me when I hit the road. It has definitely replaced all other weather apps on my iPhone. Keep up the great work and thanks again!


“Before there was an ATS weather app, there was a man named Aaron Tuttle. I am not from Oklahoma, so I never saw the man on tv. However I was referred to him on Facebook in January of 2013. Little did I know, fate had brought us together. You see, I run a home daycare in Moore, Oklahoma. I had seen hail the size of a fist. I had seen a small tornado form over Choctaw but not affect me in 2008. My husband has lived in Oklahoma his whole life. He had never been affected by a tornado. On May 20th 2013 I looked at facebook and saw a timing of storms of 1 to 3 pm on Aaron Tuttle’s facebook page. This set the timing for me.I called my husband and asked him to get our children from school after lunch. I looked at the radar on the internet at 1:20 pm. I called my daycare parents. Every parent I spoke to except one agreed to let me pick up kids in school. We piled into the shelter with the dogs at 2:43. We watched the hail fall. We heard the train sound. We had our power flicker on and off and the channel that was on had the adults terrified. My red cross tornado emergency alert kept going off. We barely heard the main sirens. We were struck by an f-5 tornado that tore my neighborhood to shreds. We lived next to the Moore hospital. In the hours that passed after the tornado my cell phone died. I had no idea the true severity of what we lived through untill about 9 pm that night. If you live in Oklahoma you are used to screaming weatherman chanting you will die, even when its just a quick rain storm. Untill Aaron, I never paid attention to the storms and timing. His facebook post spoke to me. For this, we owe Aaron Tuttle our lives, a family of 5. And for my daycare parents, quite possibly our Plaza children. For this he will forever be our weather man. I am so excited he created this weather app. The fact that he does this not because he wants fame and recognition, but simply because he truly wants people to be safe, says to me, he is the most trusted weatherman. Our story is not unique for that day, and this, is what keeps us here. We are rebuilding our home, and I would encourage others to do the same. Thank you Aaron, and keep doing what you do.”


“Thanks Aaron for being so awesome! Now that Rick is gone, we didn’t know what we were going to do… but we found YOU!! And on Monday, it was YOUR post saying that stuff would be setting up to fire about 2 that got me and the husband in gear, got us to the kids school and got all of us to the in-laws- and the family storm cellar. We KNEW we could trust you not to over-hype but not to downplay it either. Thanks for keeping it real and doing an amazing job!! Your hard work is def. noticed!! Sincerely and In Him, The Bennett 5.”


“I want to thank you!!! I listened to you over other forecasters today. You were right on the money! Living in Moore most of my life / central Oklahoma “I usually can sense if the weather is going to be ugly. My gut just told me today wasn’t going to be good . I had some small reservations when exactly or should I wait until a later time to check my 3 girls out early from the school? Your post somewhere around 12:30-1 is when I knew I wasn’t waiting to get them! My home is one of the few standing off 149th between Santa Fe & Western . The school all my girls attended at I worked at up until this school year is gone.! As I set in my shelter , last update I heard was 149th & May . Then random text said 4th street. I was at a loss. I wanted not to believe it was that large ! All the while we where getting calls / emails stating they were locking down the schools. Before we lost all communication we got word , that it took out Orr Family Farm, I just began to cry and pray !! I knew the school was next & I knew all those friends, teachers, my children’s friends were there & I couldn’t help them. Yet, I believe your reporting is what helped keep my 3 Girls either safe from harm, death or going through & surviving such a nightmare . It’s late, I just by chance was able to get Internet .. However, even if this comment seems to be one long ramble , I wanted you to know you made a difference.”


“Dear Mr. Tuttle, I have been meaning to write this for a long time but with moving and two little kids things got hectic. I wanted to thank you for your FB post last May. My niece shared it, and I have been following you ever since. May 31 I headed into OKC with my two kids (my husband works in western Oklahoma now). I left them with my parents-in-law while I headed to our rental house in Choctaw to clean it and pick up the last few things left after our move. I read your post when I dropped off the kids. Our landlord was supposed to meet me at the house and do a walk-through at 2 pm. He was half an hour late because of a meeting at work. I was tense and anxious to get going, remembering what you had said. We finished, I gave him our keys, raced back to my in-laws, nursed the baby, packed everything up, put the kids in the car, and was on the road by 3:30–later than I would have liked, but I knew I had to get out of there. They kept trying to convince me to stay but I just had a feeling we needed to go. I headed west on I-40 and both kids fell asleep. I could see a huge black cloud above us. I prayed and prayed. The radio was on real low. Just as I passed Weatherford–and I mean a minute or two later!–the emergency signal came on the radio and the announcer said, “If you’re on I-40 between Weatherford and El Reno you need to get to a shelter NOW!” Thank God we made it home okay. We owe you our lives. If it hadn’t been for you, I might not have hurried so to get out of the metro area. I’m so glad I did. Your service saves lives. Needless to say, I was one of the first to download your app, and my husband has it too. Thank you again, so much. Please keep up the good work. This is a calling, definitely, and you have answered the call! All the best,” -Jehanne M.