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“Turn off #fakeweather and turn on #ATsWeather – Meteorologist Aaron Tuttle, ATsWeatherToGo, the Oklahoma original

6 Reasons why you should try the ‘ATsWeatherToGo’ mobile weather app:

1. It’s FREE!
2. Shows premium weather data (including lightning) that other apps charge for.
3. Predicts tornadoes before they develop, giving you up to an extra 15 minutes to find shelter.
4. Allows you to enter 16 custom locations for alerts: home, schools, work, grandparents, etc.
5. Covers all seasons and works all across the country with limited international data.
6. Built by a Meteorologist with your safety in mind.


Available at the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store!

Access the menu by touching the 3 dash symbol in the upper left next to the logo or simply swipe the screen to the right. Add locations with the 3 dots upper right (Android) or balloon (iOS).

App Features:

• Current weather conditions transitioning to a 24 hour forecast
• 7 day forecast and long-range outlooks
• Life-saving watches & warnings
• Advanced radar with weather type depiction
• Hi-Resolution OK NEXRAD sites
• Hurricane and severe storm tracking with time of arrival
• Lightning in the area alerts with graphical display
• Storm Prediction Center Outlooks
• Personalized push notifications to your specific location
• Blog style weather related discussions, graphics and video
• Live anxiety lowering severe weather coverage
• Social Media integration and photo upload
• Upload damage photos directly to your emergency management (OK only)

More about the app:

I was the first to bring this app to Oklahoma in the Spring of 2014. One of the unique things that this app does, is give you advanced warning before the National Weather Service issues an alert. Receive a notification about a storm developing a tornado, or storms entering the area up to 25 miles away, or lightning detected nearby. All of these things give you more time to prepare.

Quick YouTube tutorial video:

Note: Please make sure your mobile device operation system is updated to the latest version of software, otherwise the app may not work on certain devices. If data doesn’t populate immediately turn off WiFi and make sure location services are enabled for the app. Once populated you can enable WiFi again.  If your nearest airport reporting station is down, dashes may appear in the Currents, just enter a nearby zipcode or city until the airport equipment is repaired.

More about how the safety functions of the app works:

Dangerous storm notifications

An example notification message will look like this: SAF-T-Net Weather Alert: Dangerous storm approaching your (location), followed by the storm’s BTI rating. When you receive a “dangerous storm” message from ATsWeatherToGo SAF-T-Net, it means that a storm capable of the following characteristics will be arriving at your registered location(s) within 15 minutes:

  • Hail
  • High, damaging winds
  • Flooding rains

Twisting storm notifications

A notification for this type of message will look like this: SAF-T-Net Weather Alert: Twisting storm approaching your (location), followed by the storm’s BTI rating. When you receive a SAF-T-Net message indicating a dangerous twisting storm is approaching your location(s), it means that a storm containing wind shear, a prime indicator of tornadoes, will be arriving at your registered location(s) within 15 minutes.

ATsWeatherToGo app also includes the BTI rating


The Baron Tornado Index®BTI provides a simplified 0-10 ranking on the likelihood of a tornado within the storm. It uses patented and proprietary algorithms integrating live radar data with the highest-resolution mesoscale models available. The Baron Tornado Index has proven to be highly effective at detecting storms likely to spawn tornadoes with lead times of up to 15-30 minutes, thus giving you more time to prepare.

ATsWeatherToGo app in action (case study):

Back in 2014, I made my work area New Bloomfield, MO as my location of interest. As a storm approached I received a vibrating push notification icon in my status bar at the top. When I clicked on that, it took me to my SAF-T-Net alert which showed I had a dangerous storm approaching at 5:14pm. I received another alert about ten minutes later giving me plenty of notice to seek shelter. Then a twisting storm or “shear” storm alert came in, indicating the potential for a tornado in that storm. The BTI rating was low, only a 3, which puts the probability of a tornado in the low risk category. Another ten minutes later I get the official Tornado Warning from the National Weather Service which states a tornado is possible due to rotation detected on radar. Looking at the storm reports there were no confirmed touchdowns, which is good, and it shows that the BTI rating does carry value as a threat level. That said, never disregard a tornado warning, as anytime one is issued, it is for a reason.


(Click the image for a larger view)

So the BTI summed up: If the value is a 9 or 10 it’s most definitely a tornado and a rather large one. So if you see that number get to a shelter immediately. Even a 7 or 8 deserves your full undivided attention and the storm will likely produce a tornado, especially if it’s all alone (isolated from others). The rest depends on the trend. If the number starts low, say a 2 for example, but jumps quickly to a 5 or 7, watch out! Keep an eye on that storm as a tornado is trying to develop quickly. A storm with very low numbers can be disregarded, but only in extremely unstable environments, meaning it’s all relative. If you have 6 storms and all have a BTI of 1 or 2, but a couple of them have a 3, 4 or 5 and you are in an atmosphere primed for tornadoes, pay attention to the slightly higher numbered storms. The BTI will do best on explosive days with large tornadoes due to the Doppler radar data and model indices it examines. The small/weak tornadoes won’t give off a high number and some may be difficult to detect due to Doppler radar limitations. In either event, take any warning from the National Weather Service seriously and any advanced warning from the SAF-T-Net feature seriously as well. They both deserve your full attention.

If you are experiencing problems with the app or want to leave feedback or suggestions, be sure to let me know: Contact Form

If you enjoy the app please let others know by leaving an honest, positive review on the app stores.

What people are saying about ATsWeatherToGo:

Taylor White on Mar 25th, 2015 at 8:28pm

Aaron, I work in Tulsa and live outside of Stillwater. I left work at 5:15 p.m. However, because of the alerts I was able to detour from my normal commute that passed through the dangerous storm that produced a tornado in Sand Springs. At the time, there was not a tornado warning but because of the shear warning alert I knew that it was a potentially dangerous storm. Last, to my knowledge, there’s isn’t another kind of weather app that provides a shear warning…I downloaded the app this morning. Thank you for providing this service.

App version 2.2.113 Galaxy Note3 (hltespr)

Miranda Schuelein Knight on Apr 8, 2014 at 5:59 AM

“I downloaded this app on iPhone and loved it. When I switched to Android a couple of months later, this was the first app I downloaded. It’s very accurate with the locations, forecast, etc. but the main draw for me is the FREE safety alerts that notify me when storms are coming, if they’re dangerous and how close the storms are to my location. I have told all my friends and family to download this app for themselves and their families.”

Best Weather App Out There!

by Clemntine – Version 2.0.20140223 – Mar 31, 2014

“This is my ‘goto’ weather app. It does everything I need it to, no more and no less! Great job, AT! Very intuitive, does not crash or drain the battery and gives a busy mom all the info she needs without a bunch of fluff and bother.”

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