Spring Foliage Tracker

Everyone wants to know when is it safe to plant flowers and tender vegetation across Oklahoma. Take a look at the map below. We typically see a freeze until the 1st weekend of April for most areas with some lasting into May. Farmers and gardeners alike know when to plant seeds well ahead of this, but for those wanting to spruce up their homesteads, it’s better to do it late than early.

Avg date of last freeze

You can track how things are blooming across the rest of the country to see if Spring is coming early or late for those areas. A colder and longer winter pattern delays things a bit.


The First Leaf Index is based on the leaf out of lilacs and honeysuckles, which are among the first plants to show their leaves in the spring. This Index is associated with the first leafing of early-spring shrubs and other plants.

The First Bloom Index is based on the flowering of lilacs and honeysuckles. This Index is associated with blooming of early-spring shrubs and leaf out of deciduous trees.

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