Live Severe Weather Coverage

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and tap the bell to get notified when I go live. This gives you another option when Facebook doesn’t notify you. There is also a chat function you can utilize during live coverage to converse with others. Furthermore, most smart TV’s now have a YouTube app built in, so it makes watching my live broadcast on your large HDTV very easy. Make sure the app video settings have 720p or 1080p enabled for the highest resolution.

Live Storm Chasing Network

During live severe weather coverage I will incorporate the video feed from my network of storm chase partners. More details will be coming soon.

You can follow my current partner Twisting Fury on Facebook and on YouTube.

A special thanks to John Vance Auto Group and Ferguson Roof Systems for sponsoring my Live Feeds.

Live Storm Chaser Streams

Storm chaser streams will be shown here when they are live.

AT’s YouTube Live Stream


To embed live videos, please make sure you performed the steps in this video to create and save a proper server API key.

AT’s Facebook Live Stream

The live stream is currently off-line. Severe storm coverage will post here when activated.

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