Greetings emergency management leaders!

I reached out to many of you last year about an exciting partnership opportunity. Several of you have signed on and I would like to extend the offer again this year for those that may have missed the original communication.

In short, I have partnered with Baron Services to offer a free weather app called, ATsWeatherToGo. This app is available on android and iOS platforms. Users of the app receive custom notifications from either myself or emergency management officials. Anything considered life threatening and adheres to your office guidelines can be sent out to your residents. A bomb threat, gas leak, tornado sighted, etc are all valid examples.

Respond with a quick email that you would like to try out the service, it’s free and there’s no obligation. Please include the designated name, contact info, and region of authority so I can create an account as quickly as possible as we head into the 2016 spring storm season. You will also need to download this setup guide to get started. (Files are now ready to download, I apologize for them being inaccessible earlier. -AT)

Download (PDF, 551KB)

For those already setup, I have uploaded a new tutorial video as a refresher on how to send custom messages to your residents. Please be sure to watch.

Conversely this short document highlights some of the key operating points.

Download (PDF, 435KB)

Here is an example video I made for Woodward County residents. I can do the same for yours if you’d like, just let me know. Mr. Lehenbauer is pushing this across their local media outlets to get the word out. The more that use the app, the better the information you will receive from residents and vice versa.

If you would like to try out the app yourself, you can get it directly from these links:

I’m looking forward to hearing from each of you and working together to make public safety across Oklahoma even better.