Do you have a dog or cat that has an indoor bathroom issue?

Are you tired of buying expensive products that don’t eliminate the urine smell completely and the stains remain? Or the pet keeps coming back to the same area?

Well, you’re in luck. I have a solution you can make at home with ingredients you most likely already have around the house. It’s simple, cheap, and effective. I’ve been using this concoction for over 10 years anytime a mess happens. It’s guaranteed to work and it’ll be the best $5 you’ve ever spent if pet messes are an issue in your household. *Bonus, it works for other stains, spills, etc too!

Typically once a pet marks a spot, they go right back to it. Well, not anymore! The ingredients I give you will not only remove the stain and the odor, but also neutralizes the pheromones released in marking. No more trips to the local pet store to buy those expensive jugs. And this works the first time, meaning you won’t need additional applications like most of the other products on the market.

You’ll thank me on your first use, and you know me, I’m a man of my word!

Hey AT, wanted to let you know, your urine recipe worked wonders. Thank you!” -Tiffany M.

You can purchase the secret mixture from the Paypal link below for just 5 bucks! (Paypal account not required for purchase)

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You will be redirected after purchase to download the document (look for return to merchant link) and Paypal will email you the password. Contact me if you have any issues. -AT

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