High wind event in progress.  69 mph peak wind gust at 10am CDT in Dodge City. I have already had to clean up torn off shingles off my roof as well as one of the downspouts to my gutter that came off.  The sun is beginning to make an appearance and as a result, deeper mixing will ensue resulting in likely more aggressive gusts, and perhaps more frequent gusts exceeding 55 knots.  The RUC Wind Gust field has done a fairly good job in its prediction of the magnitude of wind gusts.  Below is a 9 hour forecast of Surface Wind Gust valid 15z (10am) with the verifying observations overlayed:


Frequent wind gusts are expected to remain in the 50 to 55 knot range…and perhaps a few gusts approaching 60 knots…through 22z (5pm CDT), as is shown by the 14z run of the RUC model:

Source: Under the Meso

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