Today’s world of social media has quickly become fragmented, just like the days when the three TV channels turned into 500 on cable. I wrote how this would happen several months back in Censored. As a result, people from various walks of life scramble to find a place they can call home and still get the information they need. It is my job as a creator to offer what I can to accommodate  that movement. Today, many people are upset with Facebook and Twitter, two of the largest social media platforms. People are searching for alternatives and flocking to Gab, Telegram, MeWe, Minds, and many others. I’ve been watching this landscape change for over a year to see where is the best use of my time and that has a similar format you are accustomed too.

In the end, Gab had the best platform for a content creator that combined the functionality of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So I’ve created another social media channel you can follow me on. It has a built-in TV channel and a weather group page. I’ll list the direct links below if you would like to create an account and follow me on Gab. Nothing is changing on my existing social media outlets, I’m just providing more options for you to choose from.

Gab Main Page:

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Gab TV Page:

Gab Weather Group:

I spoke with the CEO of Gab, Andrew Torba, about the need for live broadcasts and mentioned that was the only thing missing from his platform. Andrew informed me that the ability to go live will be ready sometime this Spring. That should work out well for storm season.

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I’ve also updated my weather app, ATsWeatherToGo, to include a link to Gab that you can pull up from inside the app. You do not have to create an account to view content. I was doing the same thing with Facebook over the years, but then they removed that option recently. In that case, you must sign in to view their (my) content from inside my app.

One last thing. You will not find Gab’s app in the app stores. You have to create your own version on your phone, which is easy to do. Using your phone web browser, visit the pages above and tap the menu option of your browser, select “add to home screen” to create your own app to access quickly. Of course Gab is accessible from any computer with a web browser.

Although I would love to be on every platform out there, I’m just one person and I can only do so much. It is an exhaustive effort of my own free time to run AT’s Weather as it is. I have to be careful not to stretch myself too thin. I believe Gab will be a nice fit for AT’s Weather based on what I’ve seen thus far. I don’t know how all of this social media turmoil will end, but rest easy, when it comes to the weather, I got you! -AT

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Ferguson Roof Systems is offering an AT's Weather special!

Update: A couple days after I wrote this blog post, Mark Dice interviewed Andrew about Gab and the history and truth behind it. It’s far different than what you may here elsewhere. Take a listen as he discusses not only his platform, but the social media landscape as a whole.


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