So for about a week there has been a storm signal around the Christmas holiday time frame. As we’re getting closer more models are jumping onto the idea. The question has been two-fold, which day, Sunday through Wednesday, and how cold will it be?

So what can I tell you today?

  1. We’re getting another storm system
  2. It looks to be a weak one, not overly strong
  3. There will be rain with it
  4. There are indications some snow will fall on the backside as well

So, I’m going to post a couple of outputs from various model solutions. The take home is that the signal is there. The details won’t be revealed for awhile. As you know, don’t even bother to ask about snow totals until we’re 48 hours out and even then, that changes typically into the day of the event.

Model 1 Rain Christmas morning

Model 2 Rain and Snow mix but mostly dry Christmas Eve morning

Model 3 Rain/Snow mix Sunday morning

Snow output from model 3 only to show a weak storm potential.

Model 4 and my pick, snow Christmas Eve night for Santa. It has been the most consistent. 

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This model #4 is a little more excited about snow up north.

So no need to rush to the stores to stock up on milk and bread, but it will be interesting to see how this event plays out. Over the coming days we’ll be able to narrow down the day and then the type of precipitation. Hey for those always wishing for a white Christmas…at least there’s a chance this time around! Stay tuned! -AT

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