After a wild ride into 2021, things got suddenly quiet. The pattern has settled down for a bit, but things can always change quickly in Winter. As it looks right now, a few showers will glance far SE OK this week, with the first storm system rolling through on Friday. Expect a little light snow across the northern counties, but nothing to get excited about. Kansas will get a little better outcome with this system as far as snow goes.

Friday storm system.

The system after that arrives late Monday, and it’s just a chill rain for the state, but more snow for Kansas.

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Late Monday 25th storm system.

The final system of the month rolls in around the 29th. More rain with it.

Storm system on the 29th.

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What about the arctic air? So far, it’s mostly affecting the N half of the country. It won’t take much of a push to get it into Oklahoma though. I’ll keep an eye on things. Meanwhile, here’s how temperature trends are shaping up given the current look at the pattern:

OKC Temperature trend

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