So we are now a few days closer to Easter Sunday and what the models hinted at before is still in the cards today. There is going to be snow in NW OK. Now how far that snow travels east and south is all dependent on the track of the upper level storm system. It’s going to be a close call. The model average has it moving across the NW 1/3 of OK. That can bring the white flakes as far south as I-40 and just east of I-35 before it lifts more northward into KS. Should that track deviate farther north at the onset, then that snow area shifts northward as well. So in OKC don’t be surprised if you see a few flakes in the air as long as this model (shown below) holds true.

Outside of the snow possibility, temperatures are going to be downright cold Easter morning with winds in excess of 20 mph producing windchill values in the 20s/30s at times. The afternoon will fair much better however, but still chilly with highs in the low to mid 50s. Also showers and a few storms will move through Saturday night through Sunday morning.

Here are a few weather maps to give you an idea. And remember, take the snow amounts forecasted this far out with a grain of salt. Models will never know how much snow until about 36 hours out and even then it’s 50/50 on the result.


Let’s start with the temperatures at 9am Sunday morning.


With winds gusting up to 30 mph, windchill values will be in the 20s/30s for a bit.


Here’s a breakdown on roughly where the rain/snow line will be at 6am. This blue area of snow will move east, but will it hold together?


Finally, here are the projected snow totals. Remember what I said above however!

So that’s it. Looks like a messy Easter ahead. I hope all of you have a blessed day and enjoy it with your family and God. -AT

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