Many of you (have and will) ask what I think about other forecasts you are seeing. First off, I don’t keep tabs on what others say, I’m just way too busy. Secondly, it doesn’t matter. There are so many places to get weather information, you can’t tell if it’s from a meteorologist or someone else. That in itself leads to my last point. I used to try and distance myself from other forecasts to show you there’s a difference in where you get your weather information when it comes to accuracy. Over time I’ve learned that’s also a pointless thing to do. For one, you’re going to follow many weather sources which all get jumbled together into one voice. This makes it difficult to remember who said what. Two, in the age of social media, all of us are just an “unfollow” or “unlike” click away for any reason under the sun, or sometimes no reason at all, cyber relationships are more fragile than real ones! So with that said, please don’t post other forecasts and ask what I think of them because I won’t reply. Secondly, I’m glad you follow me on social media and through my website for the most accurate weather information that I can provide you. I do my best to help plan your days around the crazy Oklahoma weather. -AT #weatherfortunetelling

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