The winter storm is still on track for Oklahoma this weekend. However, the arctic high doesn’t appear to be quite strong enough to keep the body of the state below freezing during the entire event. Trends have been to warm things up starting Friday night. That will lessen the impacts of ice accumulation. More details will be given about Saturday and Sunday in an update this evening.

Right now I want to focus on the guarantee, and that’s an icy Friday. Models bringing in mid level lift and moisture starting after midnight Thursday. This allows freezing drizzle to develop overnight into Friday morning. Therefore you’ll need to pay attention to area roadways at that time. Light freezing rain will continue to develop throughout the day Friday. It’s still too early to discuss amounts, but we’re getting close. This evening we’ll start getting an idea from the models.

The images shown below are of the lift needed and where the 32 degree (freezing line) will set up across Oklahoma on Friday.

nam_w700_rh_tx_24 namp_t2m_okc_29

As you can see it’s a very close call for both Tulsa and OKC. The I-44 corridor is the dividing line in many of these events. I’ll update via Facebook Live this evening as new data comes in. -AT

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