So the season has finally flipped from Winter to Spring and with that comes severe weather. We’ve broken a record for the longest stretch of a year without seeing a tornado. Will we finally have one next week?

As of now, the three days of interest are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You know my rule about tornado talk, details don’t reveal themselves until about 48 hours out to get specific, so we’ll keep this more generic in nature. But yes severe storms are likely with at least a little hail and wind.

Monday – The threat is in E TX panhandle and far W OK late afternoon/evening. Map shows the precip developing and the severe weather parameters of CAPE (energy) and wind shear for supercell type storms.

CAPE vs Shear on Monday.

Storms focused along TX/OK border on Monday.

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Tuesday – Threat is in W/C OK late day. Same maps as above indicating favorable areas in the brighter colored region.

CAPE vs Shear on Tuesday.

Storms focused in W/C OK on Tuesday.

Wednesday – Right now in SE OK along the Red River but could migrate northward depending on several factors.

CAPE vs Shear on Wednesday.

Storms focused in SE OK on Wednesday.

Just remember, there’s no need to panic. At this point just have a plan in place and clean out your area of shelter if you haven’t already done so. I’ll update again over the weekend. -AT

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