A week ago I mentioned several storm signals floating around Christmas and into New Year. Unfortunately most didn’t even bother to read the blog, just frothed at the mouth over the title. Some really great memes came out of it as a result however. I had a good laugh!

So what’s the latest?

Well the first system I mentioned is actually moving through tonight producing a mix of very light rain/snow across the N 1/3 of the state. Should move in by the evening and exit pretty quickly. A light dusting of snow is expected across many areas in Kansas and just a few of OK counties in the N along the state line. Nothing significant. OKC and Tulsa will see at least a few sprinkles out of the deal. I guess a snow flake is possible too, but it would be around midnight.

Light snow moving in from the NE this evening.

A weak disturbance will bring clouds and a few sprinkle Monday evening, otherwise no big deal.

The system after that is a big one and kicks up the wind on Christmas Day and even a few showers returning in the evening. Temperatures will be primarily in the 40s and 50s during the day and warm overnight. Thunderstorms will develop on Wednesday. The shear is interesting for supercell storms to produce tornadoes, but the instability is lacking. I’ll be watching this combination. No one wants to see tornadoes the day after Christmas! On the back side of this system, heavy snow will fall in the panhandles of TX and OK, CO and KS and points NE. The snow may make it as far east as Woodward but that’s about it. The storm just didn’t want to take a favorable track east for Oklahoma and that’s hard to predict 7 days out.

Storm system on Wednesday is exiting the state Thursday with snow on the backside.

Cold air moves in after the Wednesday storm and then the following storm system has a chance to bring winter weather back across the majority of the state on Saturday the 29th. Should be a mix of rain/sleet/snow.

Looks like a mix of rain/sleet/snow for Saturday across Oklahoma.


Indications are another system yet after that on New Year’s Day.

Another big system showing up on New Year’s Day.

So the forecast remains fast paced with multiple signals to track. A lot of my updates come via Facebook Live due to time constraints, so make sure you elect to have notifications from my page. If Facebook isn’t notifying you anyway, it’s time for you to join others in my Patreon community to gain access to my secret group page. Facebook will notify everyone on that page. See the link below. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! -AT

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