Our next round of rain moves in this afternoon out west and into C OK this evening. The window for OKC starts around 6pm, so any outdoor activities will need to have an indoor backup. Rainfall totals through noon Saturday, when the rain ends, will be around a half inch or more.

Rain moves in for afternoon and evening from the west.

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Rainfall totals through Saturday afternoon.

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Temperatures are going to be a little cool for Saturday but very nice from Sunday onward with lots of 70s returning.

Temperatures Saturday afternoon.

Center Phase Energy

Temperatures Sunday afternoon.

Long range outlook keeps the state mostly dry next week until Saturday when another round of rain moves through. As far as any severe weather is concerned, the pattern is quiet overall and there are signs it may pick up around Memorial Day weekend. That’s a ways out though and the data is unreliable. I’ll keep you updated. -AT

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