This summer continues to pleasantly surprise us! Typically we would be entering our hottest and driest week of the year, but instead, we get a cool down and more rainfall.

The first mention is the Jetstream pattern. Once again we have these weak disturbances, indicated by the yellow/red colors, rotating through Oklahoma. These along with weak surface boundaries and daytime heating help generate scattered showers and storms across the state. You can even make out the upper lift associated with Tropical Storm Fred landing in the Florida panhandle.

Jetstream animation through the week.

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The short-term rainfall map through midday Tuesday shows a couple of rounds. One primarily in W OK on Monday and the other in C OK on Tuesday. Additional scattered activity will be around Wednesday with not much expected on Thursday. By late Friday through Sunday morning, a couple of rounds of decent showers and storms will occur as well. It’s not a wash out of course, but you will need to work around the rain for outdoor activities. Use my free weather app, ATsWeatherToGo, to monitor radar trends near you.

Short-term rain forecast.

Overall rainfall amounts averaged through the week indicate widespread 1-2″. However, as with typical summer-time storm activity, any storms that stall over an area can generate up to 4″ of rain in a short time. Models can’t detect that outcome over the long-term. Just be aware.

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Rainfall totals averaged through the week.

Temperatures are going to be exceptional across the state. Here is a look at OKC for example. There are some indications that an upper ridge of high pressure will try to build across the state as we head into the last week of August. If that holds true, then expect temperatures to climb back into the upper 90s for one last time.

OKC Temperature trend.

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