Summer officially starts June 21st, but you wouldn’t know that this past weekend as 90s and 100s returned with oppressive heat index values due to high humidity from recent rainfall.

Temperatures on Sunday topped out in the 100s out west with heat index values approaching 115 degrees out east. The web bulb globe temperature risk was quite dangerous along and east of I-35. The wet bulb globe temperature is an estimation of the impact of temperature, humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation on humans. Its values are similar to a heat index; however, the wet bulb globe temperature additionally accounts for sunlight exposure and wind speed. 

High Temperatures Sunday.

Max Heat Index Values.

Wet bulb Globe Temperature on Sunday.

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The Jetstream animation below will show how the upper ridge just moves around the central plains a bit, settling overhead by Sunday. This acts as a block against storm systems, so we stay mostly dry and hot. Every now and then you’ll get an isolated storm break through, but they are few and far between in this type of pattern.

Jetstream animation (tap to play)

Jetstream Pattern Sunday.

Expected rainfall this week.

The recent rains will have to do for awhile as nothing is showing up of any magnitude worth discussing. At least amounts were well above normal the past 30 days in most areas. This did help to alleviate the drought a bit as well. Of course it will build back in over the coming weeks without significant rainfall.

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Last 30 days of rain compared to normal.

Current drought conditions.

Temperatures on Monday will be a scorcher again, which is a good reminder of what to do in the heat. After Monday, temperatures do a little seesaw action in the extended outlook. Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay cool! -AT

Temperatures Monday.

Heat Safety

OKC Temperature Trend.

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