This week’s blog focus is a lot like last weeks. So much so, it’s basically rinse and repeat!

We’re starting off the week with more rain and then ending the week with additional rain. In-between we have temperatures that are holding near normal.

The weekend rain was quite substantial where it fell, but of course many areas weren’t so lucky. I went live Sunday evening to discuss the flash flooding and the details of this weather outlook for the week, so be sure to check it out below. Sometimes the issue is that when you get the much needed rain, it comes all at once. We need several days of slow soaking rain. The maps below show rain through Sunday evening and potential additional rain through Tuesday afternoon.

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Rainfall amounts over the weekend.

Expected rainfall potential through Tuesday.

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The next signal for water in the sky comes with an upper disturbance rotating through over the weekend. This means you’ll likely have to dodge a few Labor Day Weekend showers and storms.

Upper Jetstream Pattern by next weekend.

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Temperatures will be tolerable for the remainder of August and the start of September. Here is OKC:

OKC Temperature Trend

Finally, you missed my live discussion all this and more, check out the replay below. -AT

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