So now that we’re deep into Winter, how does January look for Oklahoma?

All in all, not very exciting at first, then things could turn ugly.

On Thursday the 10th, a weak system will move through triggering a little rain and snow for the state. The higher amounts of rainfall will be focused across the southern half with a skiff of snow expected across parts of Green Country in E OK. A follow up system will move through Friday night and Saturday. A little more light rain with that one and possible dusting of snow across NE OK.

Rainfall totals on Thursday.

Dusting of snow over parts of E OK Thursday.

After that 2-part system, we get a few cold days followed by ‘not that cold’ days. The pattern is active for Canada and the NE where much of the brutal cold will reside. However, towards the end of the month, there are signs that the cold will build more across W Canada, which allows some of that to spill across the Rockies and into the Sooner State around the 3rd week of the month and continue into February. The GFS model hints at an arctic intrusion as well as the potential for a winter storm in its ensembles. A signal only to be watched at this point.

Cold air lurking just north on January 22nd.

GFS Ensembles show arctic air may already be here on the 21st.

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A few ensemble runs indicate a winter storm system signal at that time.

Going really long range, and this is where you blind-fold yourself and throw darts, not only does the northern jet stream bring in the nasty arctic cold by the end of the month, but a big winter storm as well.

Nasty cold grips the nation at the end of January.

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Potential winter storm signal at the end of the month.

Again, this is just a signal to be watched at this point. I’ll update periodically as things get a little more interesting! Please consider supporting me by joining a tier on Patreon. The link is below. -AT


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