I posted a blog about a week ago with what to expect for January. In that blog we discussed what is going to occur at the end of this week and beyond. So be sure to visit my website directly or through my free weather app ATsWeatherToGo and also via Facebook and Twitter to get notified as early as possible about upcoming big weather events. Each key word is hyperlinked for your convenience to add those accounts as your goto social media resources.

I’m entering my 9th year of providing forecasts and live severe weather coverage via Facebook since leaving the TV news biz in 2007. I’m honored and blessed at the amazing support from all of you helping AT’s Weather grow. I couldn’t have done it without you! So thank you for being there all these years and telling your friends and family about me, my free app, and live storm coverage!!!!

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Now I’m going to ask you another favor. As a government employee, you may know I’ve been furloughed with the shutdown. I keep tabs on when I’ll be able to go back to work and it looks like it won’t be until March. While politicians play games, I pay bills. I fund AT’s Weather directly from that job. I do get a little help from the advertisements and occasional sponsors as well. Lately to help boost this effort, I created a Patreon account where creators like myself can generate funding in exchange for extra perks and benefits. Today, I’m asking you to join my Patreon group with others to help support me financially. It is a tier system and you can get in for as little as $1. I’m almost at 400 Patrons and I need a few hundred more, so please consider signing up. You can cancel at anytime. When you do sign up, you get access to my secret Facebook group page where my Top Fans congregate and get bonus content. One of the biggest benefits is actually getting notified when I go live or post something. The fan page most of you are following no longer does this due to the change in Facebook algorithms. So it’s a little hit and miss whether or not you’ll get a push notification that I’m live for example. The group page mitigates that issue. So if updates are important to you, becoming a Patron is a great way to stay informed! You can sign up by visiting the link here: Become a Patron

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As far as the weather goes, get ready for some fun…I mean extreme cold! Several blasts of arctic air will provide glancing blows to Oklahoma over the coming weeks. In addition, we’ll get several storm systems to move through. Not all will have enough moisture to produce snow, but a few will. The first comes on Saturday the 19th. Cold air follows with temperatures bombing out to around zero degrees Sunday morning for parts of the state. These are early estimates from the models, so exact numbers will be a little different and probably even colder. Short range models will have the best handle on the cold air. You’ll want to protect your outdoor pipes/faucets for the remainder of January. The snow appears to be light with amounts in the 1-3″ range at this point, but it’s way early in the game.

Storm system moving through Saturday producing rain and snow.

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Temperatures Sunday morning. First of many arctic intrusions to follow.

I’ll have more on this big change to our weather in the coming days. The other days to keep an eye on  are the 23rd, 25th and end of the month for quick moving storm systems. We’ll see if we can’t get a little more snow to come out of those too. =) -AT

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Facebook Live recap discussing this blog: [fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/ATsWeather/videos/269830127046449/” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

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